Need for Speed: Underground 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo DS version

Title screen.
Garage: selecting the first vehicle...
Main menu.

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Language select
Power Slide!
106 in action
Results table
New front bumper
Nice rims!
Hummer now in Metallic Purple
Ace of Lust decals
Drag race
The Hummer slides into the barrier.
Oh shoot
World map
Mobile message
Another loading screen
In a Lexus' slipstream
Sound test
Red Ford Focus
Loading screen
Start of the race

Windows version

Loading game
Camera - hood view
Main Menu
Camera - nose view
Camera - chase view
Drag - try to hold revs on 7, you don't have to switch into first gear
It doesn't look like drafting to me
Lost control - collision with civilian car
Three words: night, rainy and tuned
So nice, it hurts eyes
Tuning - dyno chart
Showing off my yellow neons
N2O speed blurring effect. Nice liiiights.
Complete World Map
Completing certain challenges land you on the cover of magazines or DVDs
AE86 with many performance mods
Widebody kits are unlocked near the end of the game
Selecting trunk accessories
Trunk neons
A very fancy nitrous purge system
Having a look under the bonnet to choose neons
A Street-X race is a race done on a drift track, with no nitrous. This particular event is SUV only
Starting an SUV race
What AE86s do best
Nitrous makes things go blurry, as usual
Lining up for a race
City view from Jackson Heights