A Kellog's Edition of V-Rally 2 came free inside boxes of Kellog's "Special K" breakfast cereal.

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Release title
Originally published in Europe by Infogrames as V-Rally 2. Electronic Arts bought the rights to publish the PlayStation version in the U.S. and changed the name of the game to Need For Speed: V-Rally 2.

To make matters even more confusing: Infogrames later released an improved Dreamcast version in the U.S. and named it Test Drive V-Rally.

Game Engine
The racing tracks in V-Rally 2 are not stored as fully 3D modeled environments, like in racing games such as WipEout or Crash Team Racing. Instead, the tracks are essentially stored as curved lines in 3D space. The game engine generates track segments using the 3D line and parameters such as track theme, weather, incline/decline, degree of curvature etc. This allowed for more tracks, larger environments and a custom track editor.

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