Neighbours Screenshots

Atari ST version

Loading screen
Ready to race.
Pick up the coke cans, do your bit for the environment.
Todd Landers, not to be confused with Todd Flanders.
I don't understand.
Mrs. Mangel
Now I have been mangled.
Avoided Bouncer.
A dead-end, but with bonuses on offer
Helen Daniels - painting was one of many strings to her bow, if you'll excuse the metaphor.
Game over

Neighbours Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The menu - choose opponents and board type.
On the startline
Avoided Mrs Mangel.
Collided with Bouncer the dog.
Tie my stereotype down, sport.
Catching up.
The Ostrich-ring
Hit a bump.
Missed the apex somewhat.
The tractor's closing up.
Please don't lay an egg yet!

Neighbours Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
A really hard to read game menu
Redefinable keys
Game configuration
The game starts here
I'm on the skateboard, the others are on bikes and go-karts
There are 'gates' to go through, that's represented by the two skittles in the road
There are bonus points to pick up for hitting targets / ramps. Pedestrians try to get in the way and should be avoided
Round the corner heading for another gate
Out of the way lady!
I guess the course must be completed within a time limit because, for no apparent reason, I fell off. Good news is that this brings up the menu screen so no need to reload