Neko Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Ameko chases the mouse pointer
Ameko claws at the window border

Android version

Neko runs
Neko sleeps
Neko awakens!

Palm OS version

Neko chases the bird.
Neko is surprised by a mouse!
Following inactivity, Neko scratches.
Neko yawns.
Neko finally... goes to sleep.
What? Awoken by some unruly fish?
Neko settings

Windows 3.x version

Neko the cat chases the "mouse" pointer
Stymied by a window border, Neko claws at the edge
Mouse left idle, Neko will eventually clean up and have a nap.
Make a sudden movement, however, and Neko wakes back up with a start!
Neko simulation settings