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Nemesis the Warlock

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Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
ZX Spectrum

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Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amstrad CPC 1 4.0
Commodore 64 3 3.6
ZX Spectrum 2 3.9
Combined MobyScore 6 3.8

The Press Says

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ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair
It's hack and slay all the way, though when you find the bullets you can fire on the baddies from a distance - very useful in my case 'cos my swordplay leaves a lot to be desired. Watch how many bullets you pick up though, 'cos you can only hold so many, and if you collect them all, you can't hang onto 'em and they run out all the quicker. The graphics are of the large'n'chunky variety, which means you get to see the action in grizzly close up. It's a great game that's nice and easy to get into, but which takes a while to get to grips (har har!) with. I thought it was great, but then I'm a great fan of the hack 'em to death style of game.
Commodore 64Zzap!
The very latest in licensing deals finds Martech transforming 2000 AD's Nemesis The Warlock from pen and ink into pixels. Defeating evil is the name of the game, and taking the part of Nemesis, the idea is to stop Thomas de Torquemada by infiltrating his bastille. Not an easy trick, that, as Torquemada's deranged fanatics are on the loose. Being a sensitive, socially aware type of superhero, the warlock finds that the only way to get to the heart of the problem is to hack a few minions to bits. Not that Nemesis needs to hack them apart with his bare hooves - equipped with a swinging sword, venemous acid spit (look out Jan Leeming) and a death dealing firearm, our hero blows 'em away with the best of them.
Commodore 64Happy Computer
Daß das Spiel nicht allzu originell und recht brutal ist, kann man ja noch verzeihen. Aber für das schlichtweg idiotisch stumpfsinnige Spielprinzip gibt es keine Entschuldigung. Man ist ständig damit beschäftigt, durch die Gegend zu laufen und irgendwelchen schäbigen Sprites die Birne einzuschlagen beziehungsweise zu schießen. Ich habe wirklich nichts gegen unkomplizierte Action-Spiele, aber das Spielprinzip von Nemesis the Warlock grenzt hart an Verblödung.