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Electric Playground (Dec 02, 1995)
Imagine my surprise! I was expecting a remake of a fighter long past it's prime, what I got was a wholly entertaining, immediately accessible, quite brilliant, two player festival of punishment. The people at Technos really got it together for this one, which raises the level of the Double Dragon legacy forever.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 18, 2003)
The backgrounds are pretty generic and poorly animated, although there are a few novel locations, like fighting on the wings of a flying plane! Some stages have interesting intros and ending sequences as well. In terms of gameplay, Double Dragon is basically just a second rate Street Fighter 2 (SF2). Its one original feature is the "double jump", which has questionable value in a game like this. Many of the special moves have been shamelessly lifted from SF2 (notably Ryu's Hurricane Kick). Still, the controls are responsive enough and the load times are short, so if you're into these kind of games, Double Dragon should keep you occupied for a while.