Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers Screenshots (Neo Geo CD)

User Screenshots

Neo Geo CD version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Main menu.
In the usual "How To Play" screen, players will have a notion of some basic commands.
Selecting a Fatal Fury fighter (the new artworks looks good).
Now, it's time to select your first opponent (why didn't write "Enemy Select"?).
VS screen.
Trying to avoid Joe Higashi's Exploding Hurricane move, Andy Bogard executes a very risky jump.
Jin Chonrei is struck by a single hit of Ryuji Yamazaki's arm-based move Snake Tamer (middle).
Tung Fu Rue attacks Franco Bash with his Shou-Ha move, but he escapes from this blow successfully.
Blue Mary tries the counter-attack, but she is stopped by Jin Chonshu's Dragon Transformation move.
Using his flaming anti-air move Seikuu Rekka Kon, Hon-Fu discontinues Duck King's jump.
Attacking with her Nanpa move, Li Xiangfei shows to Kim Kaphwan a fraction of her strength!
Rick Strowd strikes back Tung Fu Rue with the strong impact of his cross-shape move Hellion.
Demonstrative match showing Geese Howard and his alter-ego throwing Double Reppukens simultaneously.
Mai takes advantage of Xiangfei's open guard and attacks her with her fan-swinging move Night Bird.
Using his multi-hit move Hyoi Dan, Sokaku Mochizuki summons a fast-punch demon to smash Yamazaki.
Introduction frame – Li Xiangfei finds the best chance to finish the fight against a big bad guy.
12 flaming-stunning hits of Joe Higashi's Thunder Fire later: Cheng Sinzan is about to be defeated!
The non-stop-flaming action continues, but now with Andy attacking Chonshu with his Chou Reppa Dan.
Victory screen (only for 2 Player post-matches).
Hon-Fu's counterattack is stopped by Franco Bash, that connects 2/3 hits of his Meteo Tackle move.
In a certain moment, Joe is suddenly struck by the shoulder-stomping hit of Xiangfei's Chou Pairon.
With his move Kimon Jin, other of Sokaku's entities attacks Bob Wilson with a ground-stomping grab.
Even with the time expired, Mai could connect the 5 hits of her Super Deadly Ninja Bees in Yamazaki.
This time, Duck King has a lot of difficulty to block Billy Kane's flame-swinging Salamander Stream!
Cheng Sinzan makes some damage in Laurence Blood through his sneezing-based move Fatty Bazooka.
A clashing-simultaneous attack involving Terry's Round Wave and Krauser's full-charged Kaiser Wave.
Before beginning a counterattack, Kim Kaphwan waits Geese Howard to end his Raging Storm.
Joe uses his Golden Heel (in Break Shot mode) to cancel Alfred's attack and reach the opposite side.