Fantastic Night Dreams: Cotton Screenshots (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

User Screenshots

Neo Geo Pocket Color version

Title screen / Main menu.
Title screen while running on the original, black & white NGP
Level 1 opening 1 NGP(BW).
Level 1 opening 2 NGP(BW).
Level 1 opening 3 NGP(BW).
Level 1 opening 4 NGP(BW).
Starting level 1. In this mode the game really doesn't look all that good.
Fighting the first mid-boss. NGP (BW)
Nearing the end of the level 1. NGP (BW)
Fighting the first boss. NGP (BW)
It's tea time! NGP (BW)
End-level tally. NGP (BW)
Level 2 opening 1. NGP (BW)
Level 2 opening 2. NGP (BW)
Beginning of level 2.
Fighting level 2 mid-boss.
Option screen in NGPC mode.
Level 1 opening 1. NGPC
Level 1 opening 2. NGPC
Level 1 opening 3. NGPC
Level 1 opening 4. NGPC
Level 1 opening 5. NGPC
Level 1 opening 6. NGPC
Beginning of Level 1. In this mode the game looks much closer to the TG16-CD original. NGPC
Fighting some devils. NGPC
Unleashing the awesome magic. NGPC
The first mid-boss. NGPC
Level 1 boss. NGPC
End-level tally. NGPC
Beginning of level 2.
Ooohh! A mid-boss! NGPC
There appears to be a cemetery up in the tree! Cool! NGPC
Level 2 boss. NGPC