SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium Screenshots (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

User Screenshots

Neo Geo Pocket Color version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese).
Options "Set Up" menu.
Menu screen.
Character selection screen: the most famous fighters of all time are present!
Selecting the battle order (only in Tag and Team Modes).
VS Screen (only in Single Modes).
Battle stage location.
Nakoruru uses her Annu Mutsube in Ken and makes a COUNTER at him!
Haohmaru's Earthquake Slice makes the ground (and the adversary) shake violently! :-D
Mai Shiranui and her Super Deadly Ninja Bees (Level 2): burning the enemy at all costs! :-P
Very cautious, Leona waits the best opportunity to strike back Guile's Flash Kick.
By Sakura's hands, a Shinkuu Hadou-Ken directs to a knocked-down recovered Felicia.
Shocking: this is the best adjective to Athena's Psycho Reflector! :-D
Special intro between the nice cutes Chun-Li and Mai.
Morrigan was "caught" by Chun-Li's Kikou Shou: now our nice succubus are in danger! :-O
When a blow receives the "CRITICAL!" rating, it will be more damageable in THAT moment.
Victory screen.
Athena Asamiya does her devastator Flame Sword: the poor Mai was obliterated then... ;-(
Playing in COUNTER, you must charge a power bar to do Super Moves: works like KOF "EXTRA" Mode.
Introduction frame – Ryu and Kyo Kusanagi in a "final battle".
Morrigan connects her impactive air throw in Kyo.
The "enigmatic" Chun-Li's Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku.
Akuma backs to action, attacking with the unique and incomparable Shun Goku Satsu! ;-D
Mai's fan isn't only a projectile: use her Sachiyo Dori move to see its other utilities!
Now, Terry Bogard and pals are fighting with a sinister guard team in an unknown local.
With his treacherous moves, Geese Howard will "hell" the players patience!
Other tough match are in course: now, M. Bison connects an air "knee" kick into Ryu's face.
Orochi Iori returns to add some action. Take many care: his power was increased absurdly...
Depending of game level, the battle against Evil Ryu also can be tough or not.