Fatal Fury Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Select your difficulty level and fight on!
"How To Play" screen: learn the basic commands here.
Only 3 characters are available: Terry Bogard (where the cursor is), Joe Higashi (in the left) and Andy Bogard (in the right).
Where is your 1st fight? It's your next choice!
Terry throws your Power Wave in Duck King. Different design!
VS screen.
Joe Higashi's tornado damaging the opponent.
Great! The enemy was defeated in full rain!
This is the short moment where the winner humiliates the loser: the perfect hour to brag itself! :-P
Seated in its armchair, Geese Howard observes each fight intently, waiting the "H hour" to attack...
Press the A Button quickly to increase your strength and complete the Bonus Area!
Your score will be very thankful if you rank some many PERFECTS...
Hanging itself in a candelabrum is a good option to avoid fireballs.
Raiden is the adversary now: bigger size not means bigger power, OK?
Learning a helpful move.
Hitting the opponent with Terry's Crack Shoot is cool!
Doing a throw when the adversary
Ranking "Best Players" screen with default scores and Terry Bogard seeing a big tournament poster.
Demonstration fight, with Andy Bogard using a potent elbow move.
Continue screen.
Terry's Burn Knuckle was connected with success!
Joe Higashi's walking sweep.
Now the muscled old-timer will need some medical cares in the shoulder... :-p
The jeep cushioned the impact in the "H" hour, boy...
Fighting in the rain again, why not?
Fighting with a friend: extra help always!
Billy Kane is very tough to defeat: he possess very fast moves and some times, indefensible!
The revenge against Geese Howard begins!