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The Video Game Critic (Nov 27, 2010)
Instead of feeling like a glorified wrestling title, Kings of the Monsters 2 has the feel of an over the top monster flick, as it should.
Video Games (Aug, 1992)
Obwohl das Spiel technisch sauber und grafisch witzig realisiert wurde (achtet auf die Animationen), konnten mich die kräftigen Monster nicht ganz überzeugen. Fans des ersten Teils sollten trotzdem zugreifen - der Nachfolger ist lange nicht so hektisch.
King of the Monsters 2 is your basic mindless fighting game.
It's still possible to have a fun time. The basic premise is enough to earn more than a few extra points. Oddly, even though it's not licensed, the original better represents the source material we're all familiar with. It may look a little cleaner, and it may sound a little nicer, but SNK has taken away the core of what made the game fresh, and those additions aren't enough to offset what's been taken.
Defunct Games (Mar 14, 2004)
Now, King of the Monsters 2 is a very hard game no mistake. Yet SNK must have felt that it was so hard that no one was ever going to get past the third level, considering all of them after that are small, boring and unimaginative. Despite the improved fight mechanics, these latter levels are reminiscent of the predecessor, eschewing all the enhancements made in the first few levels and providing nothing more than a simple fight within a very boring arena. So, an improvement upon the first King of the Monsters, but again the flaws mean you won't be playing this for too long. A wasted opportunity.