The Last Blade Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

How to Play
Main menu
Character Selection
Fighting Amano
Amano is down
Fighting Yuki
Yuki is down
Fighting Kaede
Kaede puts his sword through Lee
Fighting Okima
A cinematic sequence
Fighting Akari
Lee is trapped in the gold statue
Akari uses a special attack
Akari wins
Fighting Washizuka
Lee has drawn a lot of blood from Washizuka's swing
Fighting Moriya
Fighting Shigen
Shigen is about to pound Lee onto some spikes
Shigen is down
Fighting Musashi
Fighting Kasami
Game Over
After several hits made in Yuki by a magical monster, Akari can now finish her DM ShikiGami Rikugou.
Shikyoh submits Kaede to a true bloody torture with his SDM Wild Hunger Wallop! And he laughs...
Zantetsu hits Yuki with the DM Toro Soujin: the final result of his super move is some bloody too...
Stabbing his sword in the ground, Musashi launches his Kanketsu Sen in Kaede: immediate impact!
Beware: Hyper Kagami's SDM Konpeki no Mokin is a powerful non-stop diving attack!
That's messy, Shikyoh is causing pain to Akari
Look, a little dialogue between Akari and Juzoh
Akari clones