Metal Slug 4 Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

Title screen.
"How To Play" screen: reviewing the classic-basic tips to be a good shooter.
Now, you be able to choose your favorite soldier.
After landing of a enforced helicopter "guided" by Eri, Fio starts Mission 1 shooting in a car.
The first enemy squad was eliminated thanks to a new introduced arm, the Dual Machine Gun.
Sometimes, you must destroy cars to gain propulsion and pick hostages and collect bombs or ammo.
If your soldier is hit by a scientist's shot, he/she will morph into a Orangutan-style-monkey!
A big truck are blocking your passage and trying to kill you shooting a serie of parachute missiles.
Sitting down in a motorcycle guided by a free hostage, Fio continues the non-stop shooting action.
Fio are waiting a good chance to crash the serie of helicopters (Tarma makes a fast cameo too).
With the first boss defeated, Fio gives a deep sigh and observes the result of her good work...
Demonstration mode with the newcomers Nadia and Trevor giving a little sample of teamwork.
Using the now controllable Bradley Tank, Marco has enough power to smash the subsequent obstacles...
Under double enemy fire, Marco (taking a ride in the Truck) strikes back with his Heavy Machine Gun.
Introduction frame – Eri Kasamoto and Tarma Roving investigating an unknown communication.
Marco plans a strategy: the enemy front squad are now equipped with barricades and rocket launchers!
During this short section, some soldiers will use grenades and rolling bombs to stop the Metal Slug.
Clear Mission 2 destroying the Gun Tower (divided in 5 segments and guided by the bearded soldier).
In a short part of Mission 3, Trevor cruises a waterfall full of enemy tanks and parachuted fools.
Sliding in a wooden brick, Trevor (in Fat Mode) spends the remaining ammo of his Enemy Chaser...
General Morden returns not only with his old bazooka, but bringing with himself a enforced tank too!
Let's go Marco
The action takes place now with Nadia riding the Four Legged Walkmachine and finishing more enemies.
Firing the phone booths can give me golden coins.
Morphed in a zombie, your soldier can do a fatal blood attack instead of throw grenades: use wisely!
Knock-out a giant robot that launches poison balls and ground rockets in attempt to clear Mission 4.
The classic Metal Slug 1's ship makes an appearance here: it's now commanded by swording pirates.
Nadia does a good performance shooting in an enemy Bradley Tank that launches a big row of missiles.
A big submarine aims two guided missiles in Nadia: with this double menace, can she clear Mission 5?
Surrounded by some Morden androids and two soldiers attacking in the air, Fio jumps off Metal Slug.
After defeating the bearded soldier during Final Mission, he reveals his true form: he's an android!
A little old guy linked into a big pod attacks, surrounding Fio with a row of multiple laser beams.