Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers Screenshots (Neo Geo)

User Screenshots

Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Options menu.
The usual "How To Play" screen, exhibiting a basic notion of the principal fighting commands.
Choosing a Fatal Fury fighter (the new artworks looks good).
Now, select the first opponent to battle (why didn't write "Enemy Select"?).
VS screen.
Bash connects a successfull 2-hit combo after stomp Cheng Sinzan in the air with his Power Stomp.
Wind-stunning hits: Ryuji Yamazaki was caught by the furious waves of Joe's super move Screw Upper!
Using his flaming-styling super move Super Deadly Ninja Bees, Mai could rush a "simple" 5-hit combo.
Bob Wilson's hyper move Mad Spin Wolf: "thousands of kicks" smashing Duck King's remaining energy...
Tung's big-body-muscle has a short (but powerful) importance in his move Super Grow: hit-standing!
If made close to the opponent, Xiangfei's hyper move Power Claw will reach a impressive 100-hit sum!
When Rick Strowd does his super move Whirlwind Punch, Terry finds a easy and fast way to avoid it...
Demonstration mode: in a full arena, Krauser's Blitz Ball and Joe's Hurricane Upper rules the fight!
Tung receives all electric-fulminant-power of the super move Bursting Heavens: advantage for Cheng!
When Kim does a Breakshot with his Flying Swallow Slash, Mai's Dragon Flame Dance is fully annulled.
Introduction frame – the wandering fighter Rick Strowd finds the best chance to smash a big bad guy.
After receiving a good dose of Chonrei's Emperor Dragon Voice Slash, Bob Wilson seems a lot stunned.
Some flaming dragons makes a true hitting-party during Chonshu's hyper move Emperor Destiny Slash.
Victory screen (only for 2 Player post-matches).
Using a lucky moment, Rick has found a opportunity to block Hon-Fu's hyper move Storm In Gadentsa.
After Sokaku invoked a gigantic monster in his super move Thunder, Blue Mary was seriously damaged.
Mai Shiranui chooses Xiangfei to be the first victim of her new hyper move Fan Whirlwind: a success!
After using the hyper move M. Power, Blue Mary can use some extra moves, like her Vertical Arrow.
Impossible mission for Terry: stop Billy's Flame Whirlwind Pole using only a simple Burn Knuckle...
Look for the red-shape-power in Yamazaki's arm and think: why his hyper move is called Yondan Drill?
It's night in Krauser's castle and Rick strikes the "Almighty" of that place with a Cross Slasher.
A successful counter-attack interception was made by Kim and his Flying Swallow Slash in Geese.
Fighting in a desert type stage, the pilot-fighter Alfred connects his Critical Wing move in Andy.