Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Options menu.
The "How To Play" screen can be used to review the basic commands to be a good samurai.
Character selection: some classic fighters return with all-new designs (as well as 2 all-new ones).
Choose a technique mode: you can pick among a normal "SLASH" version or a alternative "BUST" style.
Select the most appropriate level type: each level has its respectives advantages and disadvantages!
The map screen will indicate the next stage where you'll battle.
Charlotte and the newcomer Sogetsu Kazama taking a time in that usual pre-battle "dialogue"...
Galford: victim of Kyoshiro's bloody-spin super move Aragotoshi Kyoshiro "KetsuNiku no Honoh"...
With the successive spins of his umbrella, Shizumaru's HitoRyu SamidareGiri slashes a 20-hit combo!
Into the air, Genjuro does his POW Special Ura Gokou (the Hanafuda cards are a coolest detail!).
Could be possible Shizumaru win the big wave of energy made by Jubei's super move Zetsu SuigetsuTou?
In his super move EnjaKakusei, Kazuki creates a super column of fire while assumes a demoniac form.
Victory screen.
With the great range of her move Power Gradation, Charlotte was able to hit Genjuro during the jump.
In his Hiken TsubameGaeshi, Ukyo does a sword fire burst which knocks down the adversary if hit.
VS screen (displayed only before 2-Player matches).
In spite of being visually nice, the shine of Nakoruru's Kamui Rimuse can represent a big danger...
Amakusa using her pimp-slapping move KairetsuSho to slash a fast-superb 22-hit combo in Rimururu.
Demonstration mode: both Amakusas decided to use simultaneously her teleport move OumagaToki/Mae.
When executed with a full POW bar, Charlotte's high range move Violent Lunge will connect multiple hits.
Battle clear: Kazuki beats Jubei in Round 4 using his explosive-grabbing DaiBakuSatsu as his final move!
Haohmaru's earthquaking-slashing move Ougi ResshinZan in full action against Jubei.
Shizumaru struck by a successive wave of icicles made by Rimururu's move Upun Opu.
Nakoruru's super move Nubeki Kamui Shikite remains unaltered, as seen in Samurai Shodown III.
A shiny flame demon appearing during Gaira's super move NiohBakuUnSatsu hits Hanzo into the air.
Tam Tam feeling triple damage made by 3 spinning water "discs" made by Sogetsu's GetsurinHa/chi.
Using his umbrella to float in the air, Shizumaru is planning the next move to strike back at Amakusa.
Zankuro Minazuki feels the spinning power of Tam Tam's sword during his move Paguna Paguna: strike!