Samurai Shodown V Screenshots (Neo Geo)

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Neo Geo version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese version).
Tutorial "How To Play" screen.
Character selection.
Character storyline sequence view (only in the Japanese version).
Map screen and pre-match dialogue (only in the Japanese version).
After some time battling against Galford, Enja gets a chance to hit-connect his first slashing blow.
Sogetsu Kazama keeps the guard opened: it's the chance to Charlotte's move Splash Fount hit-connect!
Mina Majikina being non-stop-hit-damaged by Yoshitora Tokugawa's slashing move Go no Tachi: Asagao.
Even after Kazuki Kazama's attack, Rimururu's Kamui Shituki still continued active and functional...
Kibagami Genjuro finds some trouble with Rasetsumaru's move Senpuu Ha, but it was quickly blocked...
Rasetsumaru tries to run-attack Kafuin Gaira, but he is suddenly hit-stopped by his move "Katsu!".
Yoshitora Tokugawa ends one of this blows... and Tam Tam is about to complete his move Ahau Gaburu!
Demonstrative battle: Charlotte uses her move Power Gradation and, accurately, damages Yagyu Jubei.
Versus screen.
Through the impact caused by a sweep, Charlotte hit-stops Ukyo Tachibana's probable counterattack...
Through his Engetsu move, Suija surrounds himself with a big water bubble: and Tam Tam only waits...
Using his air-stomping move Hyakkan Otoshi, Gaira Kafuin aims to stop Kusaregedo's long-neck attack.
Mina Majikina attacking a defensive Yagyu Jubei through her multi-projectile-based move Jikyuu Shin.
In an attempt to hit-damage Yoshitora Tokugawa, Sogetsu Kazama tries an air-slashing move: he fails!
And Kafuin Gaira is about to be hit-damaged by Yoshitora Tokugawa's air move San no Tachi: Botan...
Haohmaru uses the Backstep command to avoid be hit-damaged by Kusaregedo Youkai's slashing attack.
To protect himself of Ukyo's probable offensive, Suija executes his super move Tenshou: Suichuu Ha.
Through his super move Tenkai Unri, Yunfei Liu hit-damages Charlotte with a huge green wind column!
Hattori Hanzo being stunned (but not damaged) by Ukyo Tachibana's Rage Explosion command activation.
Thanks to the accurate use of his move Choubi Jishi, Kyoshiro Senryo hit-burns Tam Tam successfully!
Before Fuyo concludes her sliding attack, Basara aims to hit-connect his move Nue Dama in Sankuro...
Tam Tam executes his spinning-sword move Paguna Paguna against Yumeji, but she doesn't react anyway.
Hanzo Hattori with the open guard: he's hit-damaged by Gaoh Hinowanokami Kyougoku's slashing blow...
Yagyu Jubei versus Gaoh Hinowanokami Kyougoku (Armored): and the Final (?) Round is about to start!