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Micro News (Dec, 1991)
Carrément du délire... des animations complètement dingues, des zooms à ne plus savoir qu'en faire ; une bande sonore et des effets à faire péter les enceintes les plus mahousses de votre chaîne ! Sans compter les délires combinatoires que s'infligent certains membres des teams adverses et tout cela sans une seconde de répit. Suprême dalinien... Moi qui ne suis pourtant pas un fervent amateur de ce sport, je dois admettre qu'il dépasse tout ce qu'on a pu voir jusqu'à présent...
Joystick (French) (Dec, 1991)
D'une qualité sonore et graphique remarquable, Super Baseball 2020 est un jeu que tous les possesseurs de Neo-Geo se devraient de posséder, sauf peut-être si vous avez déjà Professional Baseball Star. Un jeu brillant, un jeu SNK qui une fois de plus montre à ses quelques détracteurs, qu'elle est bien la meilleure machine du moment.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 08, 2004)
Like SNK's excellent Baseball Stars line of games, the pitching and batting controls are easy and intuitive. The computer positions you fielders automatically, which is good because it's hard to track them when the ball is hit to the outfield. Fielding is the main flaw of Super Baseball 2020 - it's tough and judging fly balls is nearly impossible. Super Baseball 2020 is ideal for people with short attention spans, because the action never lets up. Close plays at the bases are enhanced by cool close-up cut scenes. The teams are a collection of men, women and robots, and you can "power-up" players with money you accumulate during the game, which adds a nice element of strategy. The CPU opponent is pretty slick, especially on the base paths, but Super Baseball 2020 is best played against a friend. This is the perfect antidote to gamers who can't stomach realistic baseball games.
Even for the mighty Neo Geo, the presentation is astonishing. The animation is slick, the music is brilliant and sampled voices scream and shout throughout. Gameplay-wise, Super Baseball is a laugh, the batting is a lot easier than in other games of this type and it all hangs together brilliantly. Easily the best sports game available on the Neo Geo and if you've got one, it's an essential purchase!
Video Games (Feb, 1992)
An motivationsfördernder Spannung ist “Super Baseball 2020“ kaum zu überbieten, denn dank aufrüstbarer Spieler und schnellen Robotern sowie manch grafischem Leckerbissen bleibt kein Spieler bewegungslos vor dem Monitor sitzen. Hier ist Action angesagt - nichts für Naturen mit schwachem Herzen.
The beloved Baseball Stars series ended with only one sequel. Before that incredible second entry, there was Super Baseball 2020, a fun, light, and enjoyable game of futuristic sports. It's an obvious testing ground for Baseball Stars 2 as the engine is familiar, but 2020 stands on its own.
Defunct Games (Apr 25, 2004)
There isn't one single problem with 2020 Baseball, but there is one single thing I like about the game. I like the concept. In fact, I like the presentation in and of itself. The robots are cool, and the way the game gives pitchers and the players interesting moves is extremely unique. But let's face it, you only see these interesting techniques when the computer uses them. And that's only my first complaint. Oh boy this is a bad baseball game. It may actually be worse than that World Series game on the Dreamcast. In that game it didn't give you the option of fielding ... but in 2020 Baseball you might as well not have been given the option to field. The camera moves too slow to really know where any of your fielders are, and since they move around, you never really know where your outfield is.