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Neo Turf Masters

Neo Turf Masters Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Game Selection.
Golfer Selection.
Course Selection.
Your next tournament.
17th on the last day.
Hole No. 1
Swinging the club.
Good shot.
On the Fairway.
Approaching the pin.
Will it land on the green?
Ready to putt.
On it's way to the hole.
Celebrating Par.
Celebrating a Birdie.
A Par 3.
Tried to get as close to the pin.
The Leaderboard.
Double Bogey.

Neo Turf Masters Screenshots

Neo Geo version

From the intro
Title screen
Difficulty selection
Game mode selection
Player selection
Golf course selection
Loading the German course.
My ranking is 6th.
A map of the first hole
Selecting a club.
The ball is in midair.
Time to put.
See how happy the golfer is when he got a birdie.
The results so far
Oh no, right in the bunker
I didn't do too well on that hole.
Time for a contest
I missed the ball.

Neo Turf Masters Screenshots

Neo Geo Pocket Color version

Title screen.
Title screen (Japanese).
Character selection.
Intro screen of the USA course
Making adjustments before hitting the ball
The view at the hole
I guess there is room for improvement..
Preparing to hit the first ball at the Germany course (Neo Geo Pocket)