NES Play Action Football Screenshots

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Game Boy version

Title screen
Select number of players.
Select your level.
Choose your team.
1st Quarter
Aim then power-up for the kick-off.
And the kick is away!
It is being received.
Down at the 29 yard line.
Choose your defensive play.
It is 1st down and 10 yards to go.
He handed off and we have tackled the runner.
That was a 5 yard gain.
He passed the ball.
The pass was incomplete.
They punted and I have recovered.
Select your offensive play.
I ran for a 7 yard loss.
I tried for a field goal but it was no good.

NES version

Title Screen
Select a defense
Pass Incomplete
Measuring a 1st down
Ref signals a touch down
Player Celebrates
Kicking a field goal
Kicking a field goal #2
Title Screen
Playing National Anthem
Players at attention
Team Select