Written by  :  akumakun (6)
Written on  :  Nov 05, 2006
Platform  :  NES
Rating  :  3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars3.25 Stars

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A great game 1942

The Good

The thing I liked most about this game is the unlimited fire power, and the power ups make your plane more deadly. I find it to be one of my favorite games for the NES. Simply put it's the best of the best war games for the Nintendo system ever made, and further more it became most famous because it was based on actual history of the world during the second world war after Japan attacked the United States of America at Pearl Harbor in Dec 1941 they had awoken the sleeping giant and within a few hours the United States entered the war full force. So in 1942 fighter planes and ships where getting blew up all across the world and in 1943 came one of the turning points of the war the battle of midway. So although this game is not an precise recreation of the second world war 1942 and 1943 the battle of midway are based on true fact.

The Bad

The fact that you start on stage 32 not stage 1 like most games and there are too many enemy's for one plane to handle.

The Bottom Line

One of the best scrolling shooter games for Nintendo. Only beat by it's follow up 1943 the battle of midway.