Written by  :  Servo (57413)
Written on  :  Mar 05, 2004
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The 52 worst games ever made.

The Good

When you first insert the cartridge, there is some brief digitized sound that is actually of reasonable quality for the NES.

The Bad

Yikes, where to begin? Everything in all 52 games is bad. The menus and title screens are very simple and generic looking, but since 52 games are on a single cartridge space needs to be saved somehow so I could probably have forgiven them for this had everything else been better. Graphically, the games themselves are poor at best, with some of the games being worse than downright awful. Screenshots don't fully do the game justice of how bad it looks; not only are sprites and backgrounds poorly drawn, but the animation is poor and tends to be quite choppy and flickery. Sound is pretty minimal; no interesting sound effects or music are to be found anywhere in any of the 52 games! Most of the games can be pretty buggy, with some that will just randomly crash outright, while others seem to go on for a while and then enemies just stop appearing and you're left with nothing more to do. Collision detection can also be pretty poor.

And the worst aspect? The controls and gameplay! Many of the 52 games are pretty much unplayable due to extremely poor controls. For example, in several of the platform games (such as Fuzz Power or Non-Human), I've been completely unable to get past the first screen. There is a pit I keep falling in as jumping in a direction other than straight up is pretty much impossible. Ok, next. Games like Micro Mike are so fast that you'll lose your first few lives before you even realize the game has begun. So much for that. Fire Breathers is supposed to be like Atari 2600 Combat, I guess, but there is nothing to do or hide behind; seems basically like a programming exercise. Dam Busters seems to have absolutely no point I've been able to figure out. And of the remaining games, the amazingly poor controls tend to make them extremely unfun in addition to the complete lack of variety and interest they posses. The Action Gamemaster (The Cheetahmen) was supposed to be the "flagship" game of the lot where you can allegedly fight all of the bad guys from the other 51 games, but I never got anywhere in this due to a combination of lack of interest and the usual poor controls (They even went through the trouble of creating a short hack of a story for this one).

The Bottom Line

This isn't just the worst game ever made, it's the 52 worst games ever made! You actually have to see this to believe how bad it truly is, I can't think of any way to convey in words how poor the games in Action 52 are. It's truly awe inspiring in it's awfulness. I thought it might be good to make fun of (kinda like a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" of videogames), but as that's not much of a challenge it's not even good for that. Since this game is quite rare, it seems to sell for a high price often; makes an interesting addition for NES collectors, but otherwise is useless.