Astyanax Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

The title screen.
Japanese title screen
A gentleman never leaves a lady waiting.
My, what a fitting name!
Mother?! I guess I got most of my genes from dad...
Power up your weapon!
Defending yourself from boney enemies
Time to jumping
Boss as ball
Down with you, beast!
This hero stuff is fun!
Round 2-1 REDROAD
Sub-boss of stage 2-1 is some kind of slime
Round 2-2 INAZUMI
Using magic on a sub-boss
Medusa boss
There are cutscenes after almost each stage
3-1 Ryugoku
3-1 sub-boss
3-2 sub-boss throws rocks
3-2 boss, the 1st form
3-2 boss transforms into some sort of moth
Round 4-1 MARSHY
4-1 is the stage where you can hit a brick wall, so to speak, due to a sudden increase in difficulty
The fairy found in stages offers weapon upgrades or magic restore
Freezing enemies is the trick to get through the stage
Stage 4-2, The Grave
Continuing The Grave, skeletons, crosses
4-2 sub-boss can cast Blind (freeze) as well
4-2 boss is a moving tree
A cutscene showing the hero and the fairy approaching the mountain and the castle
The bridge to the castle is perilous
Using magic
Round 5-2 CLIFF
Sub-boss at the top of the mountain
The castle is a maze of doors
What are you, a mummy king?
Hi there Thorndog, prepare for your doom!
Thorndog has a cool-looking attack, but he's not that hard
Final stage is a gauntlet of sub-bosses
Blackhorn tries to threaten our hero
Fighting Blackthorn
Last boss