Back to the Future Part II & III Screenshots (NES)

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Title Screen
Introduction Story
Now Go For It!
Help Marty to find all misplaced objects in the past and in the future.
Second part of the game is played in the Wild West.
Hoping on a cloud is a really safe way of moving
Some enemies may drop a star when you kill them - this star will enable you to shoot enemies with bullets
Inside bars or sewers there are mini stages where you have to eat all the food in a limited time in order to get extra lives
A certain place has also a big clock that is used for seeing your exact location and year
This is the place where you get the remote control for the time machine
The year screen on the time machine
By pressing the select button you can call the time machine, use a seed or check your location - assuming of course that you have the items
A key appears after you kill certain enemies - this key will be used to open the doors that you'll find on each stage
A door in the year 1985
A door in the year 1955
And a door in the year 2015
Inside doors there are stages where you have to collect the clocks
When you collect them all a golden cup appears…
…and you win an item along with an extra life
One of the stages makes everything apart from you and the enemies appear and disappear each time you get a clock
When there's a door that is out of reach you can call the Delorean select the same year and then jump
Another stage where you have to get the clocks to make solid ground and ladders appear
On the hooverboard you are invincible
There are also the areas where you have to return the items that you found
The problem is that you have to find which item belongs where since the names are given kinda indirectly
Game over