Batman: Return of the Joker Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen (US)
Title screen (Japan)
Batman avoids a deadly obstacle.
Batman shooting wildly at an opponent.
Gargoyle uses lightning on Batman.
Starting level 1-2.
Holy shooting spree, Batman!
Batman receives power to fight the first boss.
First stage clear!
Stage 2-1: some moving platforms as seen in Mega Man.
Stage 2-2: the first shoot'em up stage.
Stage 3-1: avoiding those hurricanes while jumping over broken bridges isn't easy!
Stage 3-2: yes, the ceiling is coming down and up, just like in Super Mario Brothers 3.
Stage 4-1: Batman is about to release a shot from the charged C weapon.
Stage 4-2: Batman releasing his super shooting power.
Before the boss battles this screen appears, showing a little picture of the next boss.
Stage 5-1: Batman is back in the sewers.
Stage 5-2: Batman releases the charged N weapon in another shoot'em up level.
Stage 5 clear!
Batman slides his way through Stage 6-1.
Stage 6-2: a "forced" scrolling stage where Batman has to keep walking beside the tank while avoiding falling with the loose ground.
Your first face off with the Joker!
Stage 6 clear!
Stage 7-1: you're now in Joker's island, a step away from the final showdown.
Password screen