Batman: The Video Game (NES)

Batman: The Video Game Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Starting the game.
Nice location
Those annoying little tanks!
Facing an enemy.
Two enemies fire.
This one is tough.
Boss battle
Stage 2 intro: the Batmobile cuts its way into the AXIS Chemical Factory.
Stage 2-1: Batman finds some mutants in AXIS Chemical Factory.
Stage 2-2: Batman uses his wall jump to climb his way through the factory.
Stage 2-3: Those little trapdoors release walking bombs which can be a good source of items if you punch them quickly enough.
The second boss is the Machine Intelligence System.
Stage 3 intro: the Joker taunts Batman.
Stage 3-1: those big jumping guys are a real pain!
Stage 3-2: what are those guys? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
Stage 3-3: now we've got some enemies which seem to come from RoboCop or Terminator's universes.
The third boss, Electrocutioner