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Bucky O'Hare (NES)

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Bucky O'Hare Credits


Directed byMasato Maegawa (M. Maegawa)
ProgrammerMasato Maegawa (M. Maegawa), H. Awai
Graphic DesignerKaname Shindoh (K. Shindoh), Madonna Taira (M. Taira), Toshiharu Furukawa (T. Furukawa)
Sound DesignerTomoko Sumiyama
Special ThanksNobuya Nakazato (N. Nakazato), Hideyuki Suganami (H. Suganami), Atsushi Fujio (A. Fujio), Kōichi Kimura (K. Kimura), Yoshiaki Yamada, M. Ootani, Kenji Shimoide (K. Shimoide)
Presented byKonami

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