Written by  :  BigJKO (71)
Written on  :  Feb 13, 2005
Platform  :  NES

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Fantastic two-player fun, but a tad on the easy side

The Good

IT's got charm, it's got nice graphics and most important of all it has great, solid gameplay. The music, while nothing awesome, is a great companion to the varied levels. Each level comes packed with imaginative enemies and the end bosses are awesome in their design. The co-op mode is nothing short of magnificent, as you can do almost anything from throwing boxes at each other, or better yet, throw each other around the stage. Just don't forget to work together at the common goal. Everything works pretty well, and balanced, thanks to the very intuitive and precise controls. The chipmunks really act like actual chipmunks, as there's no delay between you pressing the buttons and the chipmunks picking stuff up.

The Bad

It's just way too easy. As soon as it really starts to pick up, the game is over. And the bosses, while deliciously designed, are brushed off like yesterday's dust. Most of the enemies are dumb enough for you to just jump right over them.

The Bottom Line

Despite the low difficulty, the game still delivers on the fun part, especially in two-player co-op. A blast, while it lasts.