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83 (Jul, 2011)
I was really surprised by how taken I was with this game. It is, at its core, a simplistic early NES game: all you really do is shoot stuff and rescue hostages. It’s just surprising how all of the mechanics work flawlessly here, when there’s so much margin for error.
Also, on-screen information is absent, and very important info, like the number of soldiers remaining to be rescued and the copter’s shield strength, can only be accessed cumbersomely via a selection menu. A big misfire from Data East.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 12, 2001)
Cobra Command is a second-rate Choplifter clone with uninspired gameplay and awful control. You pilot a helicopter on a side-scrolling screen, attempting to rescue hostages while contending with ground fire and enemy helicopters. With only three shooting angles, it's very difficult to aim. Controlling your sluggish aircraft is a chore, especially when the screen is in the act of scrolling. Cobra Command's background graphics are fair, but the explosions are just pathetic. Incredibly, shooting a helicopter or a soldier produces the same lame explosion. It's hard to find anything to like about Cobra Command.