Code Name: Viper (NES)

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Written by  :  Multimedia Mike (19807)
Written on  :  Aug 05, 2005
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Another throwaway action game from Capcom

The Good

Like many other throwaway action games from Capcom, I enjoyed renting this game and making short work of it (okay, so I had my Nintendo Power handy). It was useful for an afternoon's diversion and then I was able to log it as yet another Nintendo game completed.

The Bad

Code Name: Viper is just spectacularly unremarkable. You just wander through various South American jungles, drug bases, and mansions, blasting countless faceless enemies with progressively advanced weapons, and working up to unmasking the surprise big boss which does not really surprise all that much.

This game is not bad by any stretch of the imagination. But it is not especially memorable either.

The Bottom Line

Get through Code Name: Viper quickly and move onto the next brainless action game.