Day Dreamin' Davey Credits (NES)

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Day Dreamin' Davey Credits


Produced byTerry Ishida, HAL America Inc.
Designed byMichael Mendheim, Hal Rushton, Sculptured Software
Programming byKenneth Moore
Sound Driver (uncredited)Kenneth Moore
and Special Thanks toDorthea Mendheim
Artwork done byLes Pardew
Music byPaul Webb
Effects byPaul Webb
Final Text Edit byMichael Breault (Mike Breault)
Special Thanks toDwain Skinner, Joe Buffington, Lance Thornblad, Jeffrey K. Hughes, David Johnson (Dave Johnson), Michael Wimmer, Trent Seager, Chris Rushton, Matt Grate, Tammy Moore, Kenneth Moore Jr., Joshua Moore, Jacob Moore
and very Special Thanks!George Metos
Another fine product fromHAL America Inc. and Sculptured Software

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