Defenders of Dynatron City Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
Oh-oh, bad news...
Choosing your character
Playing as a super-dog. Wow!
Mission clear
headstrong is really cool. He has a... ahem... strong head
Police HQ
Mysterious building
Outside a Mega Mall
City map
Huh? What's this place?
Beauty parlor! Geez...
Very nice library
TV Station
Main menu: your character and his sidekicks, map, and other stuff
OUtside the theater
Clearing the area...
This is one of my sidekicks
What is this, Monkey Island?
A monkey in a FBI building!
This woman is great!
Yeah, baby! Ready to rock?
Finally, a boss battle!
Oh no, defeated...
Fighting Dr. Mayhem
First part of the final confrontation
In the sewers
Here comes Atom Ed