Disney's DuckTales (NES)

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Written by  :  Crazy Horse (12)
Written on  :  Aug 12, 2008
Platform  :  NES
Rating  :  4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars

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Capcom does it again.

The Good

Duck Tales has a lot of good things that I like. The music isn't quite as stellar as the Batman soundtrack I ranted about, but it's still good enough to keep your volume up on your TV.

The graphics are standard 8-bit graphics that you'd normally expect, but they stand out for me. The game is very colorful, and just something great to look at throughout all of the game's 5 tough, and treasure-laden, stages.

The controls are easy to grasp, especially with all the abilities that the main character, Scrooge McDuck, has in his arsenal (Cane Bounce, Golf Swing, Climbing, etc.) They are easy to learn, and easy to execute once you learn them.

The non-linear game play is also a great addition, which helps if you have trouble finding what you are looking for, you can go back anytime and retrieve what you have been looking really hard for.

The Bad

The difficulty was lacking in this game. Now granted, it is considered a kids game, but most people who play these games now a days aren't kids anymore, we young adults are expected to have a little difficulty added into these kind of games. These games have their tough moments (Enemy pattern, stage navigation), but is clouded by a lot of low difficulty moments, most notably the boss fights, which, for me, are all ridiculously too easy.

Other than that, cons in this game are very limited.

The Bottom Line

Duck Tales is a 1-Player side-scroller, based on Disney's popular TV show, that puts you in the shoes (or webbed-feet, rather) of Scrooge McDuck. McDuck is after all the treasures of the world, and looks to become the worlds richest duck. There are 5 stages to explore -

1. The Amazon 2. The Himalayas 3. Transylvania 4. African Mines 5. The Moon

All of those stages include a boss, and after you defeat that boss, you get a special treasure, there is one in each level. If you explore hard enough, you'll find 2 special hidden treasures. The game also includes helpful side-characters, who can help you nab those difficult treasures, Huey, Louie, Dewey, Launchpad McQuack, and Mrs. Bentina Beakly, all helpful to Scrooge, and also all popular characters from the TV series.

Duck Tales is an overall great game, for people who are searching for great control, game play, and graphics. But if you are looking for a difficult game, this isn't for you.