Double Dragon II: The Revenge Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title Screen (US version)
Opening Prologue
An assasin's black silhouette appears into the room... he sets his eyes on his prey...
...a defenseless Marian, who is no match for his cunning abilities.
Billy's eyes burn with anger... they swear revenge agaisnt their enemies!
Title Screen (Japanese version)
Opening Prologue (Japanese)
Slightly different opening for Mission 1.
Williams falls victim to the combined strenght of both Lee brothers (a first for the NES series).
Burnov makes a disappearing act.
The bad guys make a run for it.
Roper feels the wrath of Billy's whirlwind kick!
Beware of the ninjas!!
Billy hitches a ride on an enemy's helicopter.
Meet Bolo, a close relative of Abobo. Very close!
Cornered by a pair of right-hand men.
Be careful of Linda's chain whip
Chin Taimei receives a deadly uppercut.
Abore shows no mercy.
What lies within the devil's mansion?
Watch out for disappearing platforms!