Written by  :  Oreodude (6)
Written on  :  Aug 15, 2003

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Classic RPG a must for true diehards

The Good

The game has a complete story, excellent plot and more gameplay than any normal person can handle. The first time I played this game it had me for three full days. The five chapter story will build a small army with powers unyeilding. Armor and Weapons with heroic strenght. Monsters that are difficult to defeat and surpise metal slimes with a powerful kick. There are casinos, dungeons, caves and story lines unique for all caracters and the challenge of putting them all together. This is a classic game, a must for any RPGer. This is the way they should be making games today.

The Bad

The music. Random battles can be a pain at times. Dying at end of a long dungeon always drives me nuts.

The Bottom Line

This game was way ahead of its time. It will suck you in and make you forget who you are. There are only a few games ever made that meet the superior quality of a well made game. This one will be on your top 10 list.