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N-Force (Dec, 1992)
This is a superb NES eggstravaganza that shouldn't be missed.
N-Force (Nov, 1992)
We rated The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy 90 percent way back in Issue 1. What can you say about a vastly improved version like this? It'll scramble your brains and poach your pants - so get cracking!
N-Force (Jun, 1992)
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy is so big with so many different game styles that you never get bored. I've found something new every time I picked up the joypad!
80 (Sep 13, 2011)
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy is epic. It’s an extremely enjoyable adventure that stands true today as one of the better adventure puzzle platforms out there. The lack of a save system keeps it just out of the realm of perfection. However, this game is definitely worth playing. In fact, I condone using an emulator or Game Genie in order to beat it. Go Dizzy, go!
Video Games (Aug, 1993)
Ein ideales Abenteuer für Tüftelfreunde. Nachdem Zaks das verzauberte Land tüchtig durcheinander gewirbelt hat, ist nichts, wie es war: Schnecken stellen sich als todbringende Feinde heraus und die einst friedliebenden Trolle sind bewaffnet und voller unseeliger Machenschaften. Freilich braucht Ihr da die Unterstützung von Freunden, wie Prinz Clumsy, den Adligen, den Zauberer Theodore oder den lustigen Iren Shamus, Handlung und Personen sind gut durchdacht und recht sympatisch umgesetzt. Die Eierköpfe rollen direkt ins Herz - besonders bei den jüngeren Spielern. Die Sounds sind luftig und pfiffig arrangiert - allerdings fehlt es etwas an harmonischen Tiefgang.
The very smooth controls allow Dizzy to get around fairly easily, which is fortunate since Dizzy will be traversing the same areas over and over again to try and figure out the puzzles. And that’s where this title falters under its own weight, as there are no real directions or hints given to the puzzles, and while some are simple, some are very obtuse, which will require a lot of trial/ error, head-scratching, and walking back and forth across the world to drop and pick up different items continuously in order to attempt to solve them. It’s ambitious and technically impressive, but lacking a more defined gameplay structure.
GamePro (US) (Dec, 1991)
Humpty Dumpty would be proud. Dizzy's a surprisingly eggs-citing game. The graphics, sound, and gameplay are above average, and the bonus areas are challenging. The Yolkfolk of Zakeria are ready to egg you on, get cracking!
Total! (Germany) (Jun, 1993)
Die Sache hat nur einen kleines Nachteil: Dizzys Inventar ist auf drei Gegenstände begrenzt, und so muß er sehr oft durch schon bekannte Regionen eiern, um die als nächstes benötigten Gegenstände einzusammeln. Das wird mit der Zeit recht langweilig und frustrierend, da auch keine Speichermöglichkeit besteht. Schade, denn schlecht ist „Dizzy“ eigentlich wirklich nicht. Hätte man dem Ei doch nur noch Paßwörter spendiert...
Another try at a cute game with a distinguishable character and an action/quest theme that falls short in many areas. Dizzy's ability to carry only three items takes away from the excitement of the game. At best, it's just an average game and not easy to get into.
16 (Dec, 2011)
The “Fantastic” Adventures of Dizzy is everything its predecessor is not. It’s non-linear (not always a bad thing, but here…), obtuse, and explains nothing about its intent.