Final Fantasy II introduced some of the familiar features of the series for the first time. These include the fictional bird chocobo (which can be found in the Chocobo Forest, south of Kashuon) and a character named Cid.

It was also the first Final Fantasy game where each of the party members had their own lines to say. In the first game the four main playable character were speechless.

NES Emulation

Final Fantasy II for the NES was never released by Squaresoft outside of Japan. However the game has been translated to English by amateur translators. To play this version a NES emulator and the patched/translated ROM file are required.


The Queens Temptation track on the Final Fantasy I+II soundtrack is not a piece written by Nobuo Uematsu. The tune is a small part of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's famous Swan Lake ballet.

The unreleased Dungeon track on the Final Fantasy I+II soundtrack CD was not used in the final version of Final Fantasy II. However, an almost exactly identical version, though with a few more instruments, is played in the Magic House in Final Fantasy VI.

Save Game

When you're saving your game, you'll have to choose one of the four slots to save to, then, if there was already a file in the slot you selected, a message will ask you if you really want to overwrite the data which is stored here. Actually, if you reset your console at this time, you'll note that the game is already saved! Looks like the actual program does save the game first and cancel the save afterwards if you select "no". This could be useful if you're saving too much quickly.


The game called Final Fantasy II in the West (originally released for SNES) was in fact Final Fantasy IV (it was the fourth game of the series that hit the Japanese market).

Wonderswan Color

The Wonderswan Color re-release features much better graphics and slight changes in gameplay system (for example, the characters target the next enemy automatically in battles). This release is nearly identical to Final Fantasy Origins for PlayStation (of course, it doesn't have the CG intro).

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