Flying Warriors Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
Choose your game types.
Title screen (Japanese version)
Storyline cut-scene
Learning kung fu.
You have to kick him when you see the target on his body.
Your options during one on one fights
Winning the battle.
Starting out.
Your character's subscreen
Using the magic water will refill your life meter.
You have to jump over some obstacles.
Geting attacked by bats.
Getting hit by a demon.
The continue screen after you die.
You can enter these doors.
Running into someone who needs help.
Dialogue screen
Looks like the Mortal Kombat pit stage
Enemies coming from both sides.
Reminds me of the medusa heads from Castlevania.
Be careful not to get hit by lightning bolts.
Finding a chest hidden in the rocks.
Watch out for falling rocks.
Enter your name and what style of fighting you want to have.
Tournament bracket
The screen before a match begins.
A boxer versus a kung fu practioner
Winning a match.
Wrestlers are huge.