Formula One: Built to Win (NES)

Formula One: Built to Win Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Description of the Mini Cooper, your first car in the game
Description of the Vector W2
Name entry screen
Neo-cubist interpretation of the United States map
Racing menu
Race registration -- available New York races
Car upgrade shop
Car check -- see your car's current stats
Select your preferred race music (if any)
A New York race (1990, so the World Trade Center is still prominent in the skyline)
Reaching the goal
The post-race ranking screen
Off to a good start
A night race through The Big Apple
She offers some helpful advice when you lose
Upgrading the auto's chassis
Starting line at a Detroit race course
Cruising a Miami course
The selection of San Francisco/Bay Area races
Selecting a car in the Free Mode
Selecting a course in the Free Mode
One of the F-1 courses in Free Mode
Taking the Ferrari for a cruise in one of the San Francisco courses (Free Mode)