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More fun than Galaxian or Space Invaders Katakis | カタキス (39520) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.9
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.8
Overall User Score (22 votes) 3.6

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100 (Jan, 2012)
There’s nothing like a simplistic, addictive game, particularly from the shooter genre, that you can return to time and time again, regardless of new consoles, innovations in gaming, what-have-you, and have it still be as fun as it was when you were a kid. For me, Galaga is one of the few games that can still do this on the NES, I wouldn’t rank it above any of the bonafide, NES-born classics like Castlevania and Mega Man, but it holds a special place in my heart for its reliability and fun. Galaga… will you marry me?
The Video Game Critic (Sep 24, 2004)
One distinctive feature of the game is the double-shot power-up, which was really the first of its kind. In order to obtain it, you must first allow one of your ships to be captured. It's a risky proposition, but rescuing that ship effectively doubles your firepower, allowing you to breeze through the "challenge" stages and earn crazy bonuses. This game is noticeably easier than the arcade version, so Galaga veterans are likely to tally some big scores. Holding down the fire button will allows for continuous shooting (and less wear on your thumb), but you'll fire twice as fast by tapping it. If you have a Nintendo Advantage joystick, this is an ideal game to use it with.
NES Times (Apr 03, 2006)
Simply put, Galaga is old-school shooting action at its best. Namco and Bandai have graced the NES with a near perfect port of the arcade mega-hit, so gamers who still have fond memories of the original will find all the arcade action they love here, only without the coin slot. Plus this game is able to stand up against the other more advanced shooters on the system. Galaga is an excellent addition to any NES library, especially for fans of the "Golden Era" of arcade games.
Every few levels a “Challenging Stage” bonus round will occur that tests the player’s accuracy and awards big points for shooting every enemy before they fly off screen. If you have a ship in reserve, you can let the Boss Galaga capture you with its tractor beam. If you shoot it down with the next ship you’ll get double the firepower! A simple and timeless game.
Joystick (French) (Apr, 1990)
Rien de plus simple à comprendre que Galaga: des envahisseurs arrivent de partout. Il faut les descendre avant qu'ils ne le fassent eux-mêmes. En naviguant de gauche à droite, en restant parfois dans les coins, on peut éviter la destruction d'un vaisseau bien fragile qui ne bénéficie d'aucune protection particulière telle que des boucliers ou des lasers si présents dans les jeux des générations actuelles. Mais cette facilité n'est que feinte, et ceux qui ne connaissent pas Galaga risquent de rester longtemps Gaga devant un concept qui, pour être ancien n'en est pas moins passionnant.
Retro Game Reviews (Sep 09, 2015)
Galaga: Demons of Death is a great shoot-em-up that's tons of fun for 10-15 minutes but once you've had your fix there's little reason to stick around. It certainly plays well though so if you're looking for a quick diversion or enjoy high score games give this one a go.
Grafik und Sound hat man für das Nintendo schon beinahe erstaunlich gut adaptiert; einziges Manko hier war, daß die Flotte, die sich immer intern in Bewegung befindet, etwas hin und herruckelt. Der Rest ist allerdings wirklich sauber geworden; ein prima Leistung fürs NES. Wer also auf solche Spiele steht, der kann sich Galaga - sobald erhältlich - ruhigen Gewissens zulegen.
Retroage (Jul 04, 2013)
Słowem podsumowania – Galaga to „taka sobie strzelanka kosmiczna”, będąca duchowym następcą wspomnianych już Space Invaders i Galaxian. W momencie wydania w Japonii (1985) była to całkiem przyzwoita pozycja, ale niestety do Europy i Ameryki Północnej dotarła ze sporym poślizgiem (1988) i wówczas nie mogła już równać się do największych killerów na NESie typu Contra, Metroid, Castlevania czy The Legend of Zelda. Galaga to sympatyczny tytuł do postrzelania od czasu do czasu, z dodatkowym punkcikiem do oceny za nostalgie za słynną składanką „168 in 1” pakowaną do popularnego u nas przed laty Pegasusa... ale na więcej nie liczcie.
Power Play (May, 1989)
Der Software-Veteran “Galaga“ macht auf dem Nintendo keine schlechte Figur. Die Grafik und der Sound stimmen mit dem Automaten-Vorbild überein. Spielerisch erhält es aber mit Sicherheit den Neuheiten-Preis. Trotzdem ist es immer noch für eine Ballerrunde gut. Es kommt auch nicht so schnell der Frust wie bei “Xevious“ auf. Niedliche Gegner in gut ausgeklügelten Formationen und die Motivation. noch mal schnell einen Level weiterzukommen, lassen so schnell keine Langeweile aufkommen. Die ldee mit dem Extra-Raumer ist auch nicht schlecht. Wer sich also einen Baller-Klassiker für sein Nintendo holen möchte, sollte sich Galaga anschauen.
VideoGame (Jun, 1991)
Você está no comando de uma avançada nave espacial, e deve impedir que a frota inimiga invada seu planeta.