Written by  :  leon101 (64)
Written on  :  Aug 13, 2007
Platform  :  NES
Rating  :  3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars3.5 Stars

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Not as bad as some people may make you think...

The Good

Well, first of all, I like the Ghostbusters quite a bit. I loved both movies to death, and bought them on DVD once I got the chance later. The first Ghostbusters game I played was on commodore 64, and it was AWESOME!

So, I found out later that another version of the game got released for the NES, needless to say, I picked it up right away (or rather my mom did for me) and it was good. It played almost exactly like the commodore 64 version which I was happy about, but it also added in some new features that were pretty cool.

The first thing I would like to mention is, in a way this is an early version of business sim games. You start your own franchise and have to purchase gear to get to busting ghosts, in which to make more money, all while stopping the dreaded Gozer, and it's minions.

Well, the first different thing about this version from the com 64 was that you didn't start with any gear, and you only had one vehicle you had to drive the good old Ecto-1, which was fine by me, I love that car. Instead, you have first drive to the Store in order to purchase some equipment with your loaned 10,000 in order to begin your ghost catching business.

The other changed thing is the driving scenes. They are more evolved this time and feel a little like an arcade game, your car is displayed smaller on the screen giving you room to move forward for speed, and back for slower speed. Also, you had to dodge bad drivers (ghosts driving?) or you would owe them money which was directly taken from your stash of cash.

Also, you had gas this time, so you have to drive to the gas station once in awhile in order to fill up the Ecto-1 and continue busting ghost.

I could go on and on about the changes, but I'll save you the time and say that it feels more evolved game wise and business wise, and is pretty darn fun.

The Bad

Well... I don't like the newly added Stair climbing scene. It's really slow... I MEAN REALLY SLOW. You have to hold forward and press the A button over and over again in order to go up the stairs and it's really boring and much too hard. Not to mention it really starts to kill your thumb.

The ending is *** as well. It just Congrats you on a job well done (in a funny but poor translation paragraph) so it feels like everything you did was pointless. It wasn't though, if you like business games, you most likely enjoyed yourself catching ghosts and making loads of cash.

The Bottom Line

It's an early business sim. So most people look at how dated it is, and how weird it looks (just look at the screen shots on this web site) and think that it is boring, and to some it probably is. If you like tactic business games like me, you will enjoy it most likely.

I rate it a 8/10. It's not as good as the commodore 64 version, however it is good on it's own. Thumbs up!