The Guardian Legend Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Japan Title screen
Boss battle
Cut scene
Finally landed...
Huh? Stones that form a letter?
Fighting regular enemies
A dead end with some good stuff hidden
Boss battle
Another boss battle: this one doesn't look very friendly...
Area one, probably underwater
Sort of shrimp boss
I've been awarded a key
After you beat a corridor's boss the entrance explodes preventing you from entering again
A save room (actually showing a VERY long and detailed password)
Using one of the special weapons to deal with a sub-boss
Infinitely multiplying spiders, better avoid fighting these
Area two boss, and another sea creature
There are rooms that provide insights on how to unlock certain corridors
The formidable, deadly boss of Area three, requiring ultimate shmup skills
Ooh, goodies!
Area four and the enemies are ugly
The boss of Area four. It may be formidable until you figure out what works best against it
Dragon boss
Inventory and map screen
There are optional corridors that often yield goodies, like this chip upgrade (extremely useful)
Outer space
Avoiding volcanoes in Area six
More seafood!
Soon things get out of control and we find ourselves in an area that looks like a living organism
Intense action
Hey, don't look at me like that!
An ugly boss
Area nine and the enemies are very hard to kill
This boss is a wimp
Area ten action
The ultimate battle
In "TGL" mode you are automatically awarded with upgrades between the shoot-'em-up levels.