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NES version

Title screen
The game is self-explanatory.
The very short backstory is told in "balloons".
Stage flower start
You start out in Kitty's own hometown.
Try to catch the balloons while avoiding the birds.
A power-up balloon grants temporary invincibility.
Can you find Kitty? Yes, she's in the sea.
Trying to reach the extra life.
Reached the exit.
For some reason, balloons turn into tulips.
Score summary
The next stage takes place in a Mario-like forest.
The sneaky spiders go up and down all the time.
Blowing a new balloon.
You can release the balloons and just jump around.
As soon as you pass below, these green things fall and explode.
Crushed by the scrolling.
Kitty reached a bonus door.
Collect all the balloons for extra lives.
A boss battle
Let go of the balloons and bounce on his head.
The enemies have copied Kitty's mode of transportation.
It's easy to defeat the balloon-carried enemies.
Caught between the birds.
Kitty can't swim.
Game over