Ikari III: The Rescue Credits (NES)

Ikari III: The Rescue NES Title screen


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Ikari III: The Rescue Credits


Programmer❤Lonly Heart◆, Kattoi 2A03
DirectorKōji Obata (Oba)
DesignerTessai, Tazen Sakamoto (as Tazen❤Sakamoto), Oh! Toki, Yoshihisa Maeda (as Y.Maeda), Manoru (as Manoru....!), Gagamaru (as Gagamaru), Gero.Gero
Sound composerKikuko Hataya (credited as Kidon), Yoko Osaka (credited as Yoko O.), Hinjakun (as Hinjakun)
Special thanksJohn Guso, Kazuto Kouno (Kohyan)
ProducerEikichi Kawasaki

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