Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
Soldiers in space
Sucked into a warp tile
Transported to a strange skeet shooting game
Inventory screen.
Shooting some harpies while picking up hearts.
Approaching a shop.
This shop has a cover charge.
You can pick up weapons here or just move on.
If you're low on dough you can fight some random chump and earn some.
Fighting a boss in a desolate ashen landscape.
After the boss if defeated you've gotta pick up the key.
Afterwards shoot one of the gargoyles to open a gateway.
This transitional hallway is between all the levels.
These statues may look nice but will start shooting you if you get too close.
Traversing through water.
A large body of water needed to be passed in order to get to this pyramid.
Fighting a bee-like character in a warp-zone.
This boss throws his claws at you.
This level has a lot of walls that need to be blown up in order to advance.
This giant floating head shoots in all directions.
The shops in this cavernous space are inside those wedge shaped boxes ahead.
Is that a Krayt Dragon?
This boss is centipede-ing my advancement.
Flaming statues and hearts galore. I must be getting close.
This guy is throwing knives at me.
Your packing foam is no match for my blue sword.
2 player game