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Image Fight is a nice, straightforward shooter, with all the necessary elements intact. The game splits into sub-missions after the first missions are complete, and this adds some diversity to the shoot, shoot, shoot. Lots to see and lots to shoot at.
This game rains bullets quickly and early. It’s definitely a challenge, requiring careful use of the four selectable ship speeds which can be changed at any time. This is a far nicer system than requiring players to collect separate speed power-ups, as it allows players to thrive and survive easier from the start. It’s not the best the system has to offer for shooter fans, but it’s a good bet for fans of the genre.
HonestGamers (Feb 08, 2009)
Thankfully, it would not be the last time that the ferocious enemies from the arcade would make an appearance. Only a few months after hitting store shelves, Image Fight would see one more notable release, this time on the PC Engine. It would be the best rendition yet.
42 (May, 2012)
I’d say there’s nothing here to recommend, but the game plays as well any other competent shooter on the NES. If you’ve exhausted all other NES shmup possibilities, Image Fight is available. Just don’t expect to look into one’s own soul and pontificate on the darkness within. Hitting ‘A’ repeatedly is all that’s required.