IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
A clip of the opening storyline.
The customary master map representation of your journey.
Start out on the mountainside on your way up to the cloud land.
The first special item to appease the first animal king.
And here is the first animal king now.
For your egg trouble, he gives you a literal lift up to the cloud world.
Bounce around on the puffy clouds for a while.
Here is the magic spell power-up that will allow you to defeat the wind elemental.
He's big but not so mean when you have your trusty windbane.
Next is the forest realm.
A golden fly fit for a king frog.
Speaking of King Frog.
The second part of the second realm.
One on one with the water elemental.
Inside a volcano.
A golden crown fit for an animal king.
The Dragon King living in the heart of the volcano.
He lets you downstairs to visit the fire elemental.
Whee! Kuros knows how to make the most of his journey and have a little fun while he's at it.
The spell that will be the key to destroying the fire elemental.
There's his fiery-ness now.
Fourth realm
Golden Tankard-- that's the appeasement gift required for that lush, the Bear King.
Go get wasted with the Golden Tankard, your highness.
The spell to take care of the earth elemental.
After defeating each elemental, you receive one quarter of the legendary Ironsword - this is the final product.
For the final battle you get to challenge all 4 elementals at the same time (smaller, more agile versions of them, anyway)
And finally, the evil wizard Malkil.