Kid Kool and the Quest for the Seven Wonder Herbs Screenshots (NES)

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NES version

Title screen
From the introduction
Kool throws his buddy at some enemies
Those enemies sure seem familiar
Continue screen
A jump came up short
Kool throws his buddy again.
getting hit by some enemy that was thrown from a glider.
Kool found a secret bag of money, but his luck didn't hold.
Kool failed to manuever past those spinny things.
The bridge is collapsing with each step!
Leaping on a spring-pole.
This power-up kills all enemies but makes everything look all trippy.
Walking on a cloud.
Giving a boss a buzz!
That guy shoots lightning.
In the second world everything looks mushroom-ey. Be careful with those puffs of air.
This boss needs his neck adjusted.
Those leaper platforms can be tricky.
I feel like a pinball underground.
Watch out for this boss' horns!
The fourth world has an Egyptian theme.
Sinking in quicksand.
This boss attempts to eat my head.
You can travel down into those pipes by going down on that brown chute in the center.
Bonus game.
Watch the sparks in the seventh world.
Got zapped and fell on spikes! Ouch!