Kung-Fu Master (NES)

Kung-Fu Master Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Japan Title screen
On the first level
Avoid the knife!
Dragons and other creatures can slow your progress
Smack, hit in the head with a boomerang!
Try to save Sylvia
Bad guys can be tall or small
Staple enemies - they come in packs.
High kick.
When enemies grab you they drain your energy
Knife thrower - that's gotta hurt!
1st boss.
Staircase left.
Dragon with firebreath.
2nd boss throws boomerangs.
Interlude - Thomas has to save Silvia from Mr.X
Pack of gnomes.
3rd boss kicking Thomas.
Gnomes have learnt the barrel-roll.
Wizard-boss losing his head! (re-grows instantly)
Knife-throwers - usually they come in pairs
Martial arts expert boss.
Silvia saved at last.
...but not for long.
4some scene - a pack of enemies grabbing Thomas.
You can defeat several baddies with one kick.