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Title screen
Each stage is called an Asteroid
Starting out
This ain't no dead-end, you need to press down at the spot and you will teleport to the floor below. Hang around too long and a mini tornado will show up and kill you
Stage 1 fortress
This is the first password disc, you need to find one in each asteroid. They act as the password/continue mechanism in the game, plus without them you won't be able to hurt the final boss
First boss - Bamoh (Bamo) must be allergic to axes as he goes down after a single throw. Notice the picture on the wall, that's the main villain Dr. Chinelkov Manitokha
Second asteroid cave and two zombies walking on spikes... carry on
There's a secret room in every asteroid, most of them give you hints on where to find the password disc and also allow you to skip a bit of the stage
Stage 2 fortress, this robot looks a lot tougher than it really is
Asteroid 2 boss is named, and I'm not making this up, Bat Ear... time to introduce him to the Axe
Third asteroid cave, these jumping enemies are rather annoying
But nowhere near as annoying as whatever the hell this is, use the Flame Thrower
Stage 3 fortress, these enemies will reflects your bullets back at you, so best way to take care of them is throw grenades at them
Stage 3 boss is Espadra: some kind of metal dragon/snake thing. Machine Gun is your best bet here as Axes don't harm him at all
Fourth asteroid cave, get ready to use the flame thrower here a lot
Stage 4 fortress, the Beam Saber is likely going to be your least used weapon as it's slow firing and only harms a couple enemies but this is where you can use it
Stage 4 boss is a palette swap of stage 2's Bat Ear
Fifth asteroid cave, the fish don't shoot at you, but that green jumping thing does
Stage 5 fortress, the Bazooka is no good in the asteroid caverns but it's the go to weapon against these pesky robots
Falling down a hole doesn't kills you, it just costs you a bit health and your ammo gets reduced in half, however falling down this hole is mandatory otherwise you won't get to Iris
Rescuing Iris, guarding her is Bamo the first boss, though it's wiser to just ignore him as you'll just waste ammo
Stage 5 boss is Taratabs. Shoot it with the Bazooka, Axes also work, but the tricky part is getting the timing right for the throw as they move up and down quickly
Sixth asteroid cave
Stage 6 fortress is a breeze compared to the diabolic maze in the previous stage, it's also very sparsely populated as there's only one floor which has enemies
Stage 6 boss is a palette swap of the very first boss Bamo. Purple Bamo behaves identically, though like the stage 5 mid-boss he is invulnerable to Axes so use the Machine Gun
Seventh asteroid cave features a lot of these sideways flying creatures that move in a wave and pass right through the walls and blocks of the stage, so don't rush it
Stage 7 fortress, the flying things don't pose a threat but if you want you can kill them with the Beam Saber
Tough stage and a tough looking boss, right? Nope, he goes down after 4 measly Axes, meaning this fight is over in less than 5 seconds
Last asteroid cave is as expected - rather difficult
Stage 8 fortress, at this point activate the Barrier item or you can end up stuck
Last boss has two forms, the first one is identical to the seventh fortress boss and is just as easy to defeat by using Axes
Second form is quite a bit more difficult to beat