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Maniac Mansion (NES)

Maniac Mansion Screenshots

NES version

Title screen
Choosing the two supporting characters
Starting the game
In front of the mansion
In the hall
Nice room
A typical dark room: you have to locate a lamp and turn it on
Waaa! A skeleton!
Strange room
The tentacle won't let you pass until you free him
Lots of things to collect here
Watching TV
Good for you, child, good for you...
Title screen (Japanese version)
Character selection screen (Japanese version)
Intro (Japanese version)
The starting location (Japanese version)
In front of the mansion (Japanese version)
The mansion!
Save / Load game menu.
Cutscene: Dr. Fred is holding Sandy hostage.
Dark room for photo developing.
Green Tentacle's room.
Cutscene: Weird Ed is worried about his dad.
A mummy and an exercise machine. A weird combo.
Under the house.
Launching an Edsel into orbit.
I hope Dr. Fred's insurance covers craters left by flying Edsels.
Cutscene: Earth.
Cutscene: The Meteor Police.
There's a man eating plant here so wait out!